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Healing with Herbs Workshops


STAY WELL WITH ELDERBERRY SYRUP - Grow, Harvest, Make & Learn How to Use

Look after yourself and your family with this honouring the Elderberry - Sambucus nigra workshop, where you will learn to grow, harvest and make traditional elderberry syrup to assist you and your family to swiftly recover from colds, coughs, flu and more.

Step by step demonstration including some helpful tips that work really well for me will be shared.

Each participant will take home an elderberry cutting with instructions on how to grow, harvest and use this amazing medicinal herb.

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Enhance Your Health With Aloe Vera

This honouring Aloe vera workshop is packed with information on how to identify, grow, harvest and safely make your own aloe juice elixir, with a step by step demonstration.

Aloe has been used therapeutically for over 5000 years. The list of benefits and effects for this miraculous plant are many. You will learn about the nutritional and medicinal health giving benefits of this plant and why Aloe vera is named the elixir of life.

Learn how to safely use Aloe externally and internally, with recipes to take home.

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins and minerals and is one of the few plants that contain vitamin B12. It aids in digestion, detoxification and alkalizes the body. Aloe is also great for your skin, is an antimicrobial and reduces inflammation.

Included in this two hour workshop:

Identification, Growing & Harvesting

History, Traditions & Legends

Health Benefits for External and Internal Uses

Why Aloe Vera Works

Notes, Recipes and Tasting of Aloe vera Juice Elixir

Don’t miss out on this Aloe vera, herbal, fun packed event

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Your continued interest in my passion for all things herbal has evolved into the creation of this Family Herbalist Course.

The course is a comprehensive, practical, high standard traditional herbal course not available on the internet or by correspondence. Classes will be small to provide all the support you need, student's success is vital in the development of a strong and knowledgeable herbal community. The knowledge and skills obtained in this course will greatly improve your and your family's health.

Traditional herbal medicine has been passed down from person to person, and generation to generation throughout history. Course material has been developed through research, many hours spent with the plant world and other traditional herbalists. Herbal medicine knowledge is simple and presently readily available to us, however it is extensive and to do no harm, skilled guidance is required. I will be facilitating, guiding and supporting your learning, to assure knowledge is correctly applied.

My herbal journey began in 1990 when I began studying with Master Herbalist Denis Stewart at the Southern Cross Herbal School in Gosford and later taken under the wing of the most respected and influential Herbalist Beverly Lane. The Family Herbalist Course is my next step in extending to you herbal wisdom and knowledge acquired from personal and clinical experiences spanning over twenty five years. Seventeen years delivering educational walks, talks and ‘Healing with Herbs’ workshops.

I will share my skills to engage and train you to be a successful and confident Family Herbalist, so you can practice herbal primary health care for yourself and your family. Together through excellent educational herbal teachings we can establish and maintain a healthy vibrant herbal community. This non-accredited course will not provide the qualifications required to practice as a medicinal herbalist in a clinical environment in Australia.

Every family needs a herbalist and our community needs many

Herbal medicine belongs to the people, always has and always will. Having a herbal community is all about that, health care by the people for the people. We would love to have you participate in the courseand be part of the herbal community. Happy to help you get started, contact Herbalist Patrizia Bronzi for assistance.

Please Note: you need to email: to request your FHC information pack. Practitioner with ATMS can recieved CPE Points.

Level I Starts 17 February 2019,

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This once a year event offers a huge variety of potted herbs; common and rare, at bargain prices. My stall will be inside with tea tasting, herbal teas, ointments, creams and small potted herbs.

Read more about SA's Herb Day 2018 here

Date: Sunday, 3rd November 2019
Time: 10am - 3pm
Location: Fullarton Park Centre, Fullarton road Fullarton


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